18 February 2011


BUY ART AND MONEY IS CHEAPER is an exhibition with hints of PRODUCT A and sort of a sequel to that. It's an interactive show where I've been developing my own currency through project slogan. I haven't specifically said it's by me, it's a project slogan effort and for the gallery, but, needless to say, my fingerprints are all over it.

our first use of the 'bank of project slogan' was a hit. it was at the panda su gig at the gallery

for more about this show check it out on the project slogan blog HERE

I got a tattoo machine

well I wanted to do some homemade tattoos but then I thought maybe bid on ebay on a real machine and see if I can get one cheap. turns out I won so I'm now practicing on fruit. can't wait to do my own self. watch this space

on a technical note I've found having been using ink and nib pens to draw for years, the medium of tattoo is very much a similar mark. so I'm all over that. obviously it's getting consistent and used to a vibrating pen to draw with