11 April 2012

iphone drawings

I started making some illustrations a la iphone mainly because I'm moving house and studio and all my pens and pencils are packed, so my hands get bored

2p coin

parcel tape
 toy car
 bathroom door handle
 remote control
 wifi router

I'm moving to glasgow

I'm not going to have a rant about aberdeen and why it's shit to be an artist there, that's a given. I love aberdeen as a place on this earth and I am going to miss the surrounding countryside massively. things I am going to miss:
1. the shower in my flat. I'm not kidding, it's the best shower in the world. almost worth the fact that my rent is sky high and my flat is tiny. I mean, when we have friends over I'm like 'you need to use our shower, it's so much better than you can even imagine' and they should. also you could fit like 4 people in it. not that we ever have or would really want to
2. the windows in my aberdeen studio. they open. my new one has much window but not onto a street. bummer
3. the water. it tastes so good
4. being able to walk everywhere

my studio all packed up

10 April 2012

temporary art school

I took part in the temporary art school this march 2012 and it was pretty fun. I did the 'art and philosophy' class, why I'm not sure. I don't know very much about the academic side of philosophy, like nothing really. I think though it's something that should be part of every artists arsenal. to be honest though at the end of it, I was dying to stop talking and coming to the constant conclusion and answer of 'we don't have a fucking clue about anything' and get back to making art. ironically out of all the 'tutors' I was the most prolific practitioner/maker, and here I was trying to make something of this massively cerebral subject

I can't be arsed filling out this post right now but I think I will later and try and make something of it, even just for me