13 December 2011

my cheapo xmas

in an attempt to give my child a 'main' present but also not really spend money on it, I've been renivating this bmx I got free from becycle. it's bird themed because he's into birds, not to make it look dumb. I am hoping I can pass it off as something awesome not just something old and rusty which is why I've tried to mask all the shit parts with coloured enamel

 crossbar bag with housemartin pattern

 crossbar pad with swallow pattern
 seat with eagle pattern
I also made him this after he'd told me of a dress design he had where it'd be a multicoloured dress with a cute volcano with a face on it and volcano buttons for the straps of the dress. not sure where that came from but he will like this, honest.
I made a small amount of these-oil paintings on vintage dominos. there are totally not even enough for all my mates so if you get one, feel awesome

sketching - the game

me and my son qeren play this game that he calls 'sketching'. basically I write something and he has to draw it and vice versa. sometimes we play variations like drawing a sound and you have to draw what made it or draw something and write what sound it makes. I'm not doing this because it's some modern, hippy parenting technique to make your child appear creative, I do it because it's funny, which after all, is the most important thing in life and so help me god, the one value I will pass on to my offspring. here's some of our 'sketches' ENJOY
 triangular super hero
 a really patterned bottle
 a halloween celebration
 a really beautiful bunch of flowers
 an apple seed going to it's first day of school
 sizzle and beep
 bottle of really weird juice (fruit bite)
 domino do it or I will hug you xxx
 poop driving a go cart
 mum picking her nose and farting (and this is not because I do this often)
 bird says 'churp' and bird says 'hacan tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet' (snoring noise)
 a yellow bogie
 mum putting red pen on her face. danger on your pen
 a multicoloured bogie wearing a winter jacket
 a bird that is suprised (it poops itself it's so surprised)
 a coin getting crushed by a bogie
 the silliest man ever (that's him trampolining on his head)
 a germ, bacteria, snot and foot crud sandwich
 a coffee that has it's birthday
 if I remember correctly I think this means no spew, poops, bogies, crud and peeing out of a willy
 imaginary unicorn cookies
 a bogie flavoured sprite
 onion man meets mayo woman. cannot draw refer to this question. this paper will self destruct in 10 seconds. 10, 9,8,7,6.....
 broccoli so angry it eats a cow
 a stick sneezing glitter
 the cutest sushi competition
 a class of clever mushrooms
 the worst board game
 a cup of tea with a badge collection
 a really sensible turnip who is actually totally stupid
 half dorito half pepsi max
 an even crazier turnip
 a rubbish roller coaster with a boring ending
 a crazy turnip
 the pyramid that caught fire but only a little
 a tiny puppy hugging a massive kitten
 a person with the worst ever manners (talking over)
 your face after eating brocoli
 a big smelly shoe
 a ladybird spewing on a tiny ladder
a clock that tells the future