8 September 2011


HOLIEST OF is a show of a series of paintings and films based on the work of amercial author jack chick. his comics can be viewed HERE

here's my statement about the show

here are the paintings in the show

here are the films. if you dare
BEWITCHED from sarah j stanley on Vimeo.

BIRDS & BEES from sarah j stanley on Vimeo.

PARTY GIRL from sarah j stanley on Vimeo.

UNINVITED from sarah j stanley on Vimeo.

my piece hung at peacocks show 'black and white' previewed the same night. I'm funny I am. buy the drawing now for £220

 PR prepped for my interns to post at the peacock preview before I get there to make people come to 'holiest of' the same night
photos from the preview and film screening at project slogan

you know when you just want dry cereal? yeah it doesn't mean anything particularly. just thought I should fill the little box

2 September 2011

NEW SHOW coming up

I have a new show coming up. I always feel like a bit of a dick showing my own work at the gallery but actually, I feel that less and less. I work hard, why not. This is possibly the least safe body of work I've ever shown so yeah, I'm bricking it slightly. Also I haven't finished the films yet. This isn't my film but a message for halloween from the guy's work I'm basing my work on. enjoy!