4 July 2012

new show in progress

so, I decided to put on a show at my new studio in glasgow. project slogan has made me used to the DIY approach so here goes another idea. I'm showing a series of paintings and maybe a film (if I get it done in time). there's 10 really shitely made screen prints free to the first takers and I also screen printed all the invites and posters. this was more out of necessity than anything. shame most of the work in this show is probably really unsellable because I could do with some money. ah well, here's a sneak preview of some working leading up to it. also come along and see the actual work

 free prints for the preview

invite bags being printed. to be honest, I had heaps of bags and couldn't afford paper, hence the bags. I put project slogan badges in so let's hope it looked deliberate

 qeren modeling my invite ridden poster prints

 the boy upstaging me as usual