30 October 2012


I made a lottery. never thought I'd say that. but there it is. don't worry it's all legal and stuff before you go getting worried about that

born out of a desire to make people happy, and have a excuse to order novelty cheques from the bank, I made CASH RAFL. it's set up as a not for profit social enterprise and it seeks to undermine the national lottery with it's near unachievable odds and way too much prize. we don't need ten million bucks, we need our rent paid from time to time, or just a nice surprise of some extra money. you can go and have a look at the website CASHRAFL.COM

I'm not sure why I like making strange little constructs like this. it's part of art making for me, it's part of the excitement of the studio. it keeps my mind doing stuff, and I like collecting little whole objects, systems, non-businesses and prototypes. I seem to have an art-fetish for making weird business ideas that can't possibly make money because they would never appeal to a mass market, but I like imposing my aesthetic and petulant rule-break tendencies onto stuff you're not meant to. the aethetics I used for the brand I stole from, ironically, a graphic story book I'm working on just now called 'stealing things'

It's a wee bit philanthropic I suppose. I want everyone to join so we can give away a few hundred quid a month to some lucky person. I want to collect photos of these people because I like making projects that encourage collecting things. I compulsively collect events and projects. I want to hint my fingers up at how shit it is that everyone is struggling with money and especially that artists, committed artists, have to sacrifice the security that a well paying job brings for a long time, maybe forever

CASH RAFL isn't going to change anyone's life, but even if we are handing out a fiver a month, it'll be hilarious

here I am with CASH RAFL in the barras art and design centre for a wee promo