23 November 2012

I made some stuff for halloween

I have no nostalgic connection to halloween as I wasn't allowed to celebrate it as a child. one of my lamest memories is going to a 'hallelujah party', a xtian alternative to halloween, where my mum made a pumpkin with a cross carved in it. another face palmingly cringeworthy true story from my childhood. anyway, not knowing the protocall, and never really bothering about halloween, I tried this year. I made some things for the family. incidentally I was working on 'the art of blasphemy' show at the time and you will be likely to notice the fitting aesthetic

 this cape makes me really really evil
 fun for all the family
decorations with lollipops in 
 I made finger and bone chips
 fingers with ketchup blood and pumpkin face burger
 I have a massive wrinkle problem