13 August 2013

fake exhibition

I don't have the nerve to attempt a fake exhibition again. I made flyers, posters, work even, hired a location, and got the staff in on the deciet. I also made up the myth that it was an exclusive, ticketed exhibition called 'question and answer', aptly named because it was to propose to my partner in a pretty place. anyway I made 900 yellow paper boats (I'll spare you the soppy meanings for choice of decoration etc), 800 for the floor of the viewing platform of the lighthouse gallery in central glasgow, and a further 100 which I stuffed with 'throwies' (led lights coined by graffiti artists somewhere, sometime) to decorate a surprise hotel stay. my art career may not have taken me to an exclusive and fancy art event like I had made out, but I propose like a fucking boss. she said 'yes' by the way. I paid a shit load for that venue so it's going on my cv haha, after all it did take up a lot of my work time for about 2 months while I made paper boats, paper flowers, throwies and ebayed many things to pay off those rings. I was shitting myself for weeks so it's worth a place in the blog, or just for so much gorgeous yellow